Video Market Updates

The Surrey Report - January 2019 - Tax Assessments

Posted on Jan 04, 2019 in Video Market Updates

By now the news of our slowing market is not new news. However, with the New Year comes your 2019 property assessment and this year, most of our clients have seen an increase. Why? Well here is the short version. 
Property assessments are an estimate by the government of your property's value... BUT, what you have to ask yourself is "Value as of whe...

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December 2018 - Surrey Market Update

Posted on Dec 06, 2018 in Video Market Updates

The numbers are out and the FVREB area remains slow compared to last year. In fact, the number of sales remains down by about 40%. The biggest surprise to us was in the condo category, as the benchmark price dropped 2.8% since last month. This is the largest decrease of the three property types, but should not be too much of a shock as apartments s...

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November 2018 - Market Update

Posted on Nov 04, 2018 in Video Market Updates

Detached Home Prices A Surprise

The statistics released November 2nd revealed a surprising result in detached homes across the city of Surrey. Home prices were the same this time last month as well as the same time last year, while most experts were predicting a downturn. Condos and townhouses did continue to see the projected slides, likely due to...

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October 2018 - Market Update

Posted on Oct 03, 2018 in Video Market Updates

Prices in Surrey continue the negative slide month over month and for the first time, detached houses have decreased year over year. In this video, Steve Karrasch and Chandani Pooni update you on the current benchmark pricing and also touch on the positives of recent interest rate increases and the negative side of the new rental increase limits re...

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September 2018 - Market Update

Posted on Sep 06, 2018 in Video Market Updates

Steve Karrasch and Chandani Pooni of Chris Whitehead and Associates announce Date Night - Battle for the Bank (2) before going over the latest in the Surrey Real Estate market.

Prices across the city of Surrey are down 1.2-1.5% in all categories. We expect this trend to continue over the coming months as interest rates rise and inventory grows. The...

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August 2018 - Market Update

Posted on Aug 04, 2018 in Video Market Updates

Steve Karrasch and Eric Katajamaki of Chris Whitehead & Associates at Macdonald Realty (Delta), go over the latest FVREB market stats for Surrey Combined and introduce our new Disclosure or Representation in Trading Services video that can be seen on YouTube.

The statistics from this video and the entire FVREB statistics package ending May 2018 can...

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